[Webinar] Powerful Solutions: Incipio/Griffin Wireless & Portable Charging

Incipio Group delivers top performing products across the global marketplace. In this webinar, Senior Channel Manager, Randy Lindsey will review the wireless and portable power category and highlight current market trends and data. Randy will also present the current Incipio and Griffin lineup supporting this category as well as provide you with key features and selling points that are transferable to your assorting decisions and on the sales floor.


Back to Basics

According to a PCMag article, 260K AmazonBasics Power Banks Were Recalled Due to Fire Risk sold between December 2014 and July 2017 and may overheat. It will be a logistical nightmare cleaning up this mess, but we’re pretty confident the online behemoth has it covered. We just hope they provide AmazonBasics medical supplies to customers impacted! “So far, 53 reports of overheating have been logged, including one incident of chemical burns due to contact with battery acid, and four reports of property damage through smoke and/or fire.” We’re not here to point and laugh at the misfortune of others or to generally engage in schadenfreude. This is a serious situation and we hope all of those impacted are OK, which they seem to be. From our perspective, this is one of those famed teachable moments. This passage in particular really drives things home “AmazonBasics is not only very lucrative for…


No Kidding!

If you consume the educational content VoiceComm creates and distributes this will be familiar to you. Presentation matters. Experience matters. Inspire your customers to buy in your store. You’ll have an exponentially harder time attaining success otherwise, as evidenced by Toys ‘R’ Us.