[Webinar] TYLT – Powering Life’s Adventures

This archived webinar powered by VoiceComm and presented by TYLT showed you how to “Power Life’s Adventures” with TYLT wireless and portable chargers.
TYLT’s multi-functional products provide power when consumers need it the most. This includes wireless charging solutions as well as all-in-one charging solutions with built-in charging arms allowing consumers to leave the cables at home.


CES 2019 Accessory Recap

Another exciting CES is in the books and VoiceComm was proud to be a part of it. New technology and products were presented in numerous markets including 5G, home and fitness. The VoiceComm team was representing in full effect along with our most valued partners discussing new products and strategies for the upcoming year. Here are some exciting product announcements our partners made during the show that we look forward to seeing delivered to market in 2019.


Maximize Your Grip on Accessory Sales

Bigger smartphones, which some people call “Phablets,” have been rising in popularity since the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy Note in 2011. Consumers and competitors alike took notice, and the category has been growing ever since. The latest crop of large smartphones, the iPhone Xs Max in particular, may be a strong indicator of consumers’ taste going forward and the incredible health of the category overall. Early numbers indicate “iPhone XS Max demand is ‘better than expected,’ with the 6.5-inch model outselling the iPhone Xs by three to four times.” Our internal numbers also indicate iPhone Xs Max is the more popular option at a ratio of roughly 2:1. We trust that consumers will continue purchasing a case and screen protection, but the continued focus on larger phones got us thinking about other “essentials” they can purchase to enhance their “giant” phone usage. One category to consider: phone grips. Phone…