No Kidding!

If you consume the educational content VoiceComm creates and distributes this will be familiar to you. Presentation matters. Experience matters. Inspire your customers to buy in your store. You’ll have an exponentially harder time attaining success otherwise, as evidenced by Toys ‘R’ Us.

Cell Phone Accessory Ideas

The One Question You Should Be Asking

Are we there yet?
Will you marry me?
Where’s the bathroom?
Do you want fries with that?

There are some important questions we ask in life, and there are some that are wholly inconsequential. Most people seem to be inquisitive by nature, and in most situations that tends to be a positive trait. When it comes to selling mobile accessories, a certain level of inquisitiveness goes a long way. But what to ask? Well, besides “But what to ask?” when attempting to increase your attach rate? The answer may seem obvious to you, but to our surprise, not everyone asks this most essential question to their customers: