Beyond Repair

Capitalize on Holiday Spending


Despite a shift in the preference of online shopping over traditional retail during the last few years, device repair shops still enjoy the luxury of high-volume foot traffic. It’s hard to imagine a scenario where mail-in device repair (i.e. someone being without their phone for days) would be preferable, so your shop has ample opportunity to earn additional revenue by offering your customers lifestyle accessories in addition to the normal protection accessories like cases and screen protectors.

The holiday shopping season is nearly upon us, and few things make a better gift than the latest tech. VoiceComm offers a number of the top audio brands to help keep your customers excited and engaged while waiting on their repairs. JBL’s new GO 3 is a small speaker that packs a punch and makes the perfect stocking stuffer. True Wireless earbuds from Happy Plugs and Sudio integrate seamlessly with any device and offer a variety of colors of styles to fit everyone’s budgets and tastes. Be sure to order soon, as the holiday shopping season is nearly upon us and supplies may be limited.

Top Audio Brands for Holiday Shoppers

JBL GO 3Happy Plugs Air 1 ProSudio ETT