Beyond Repair

Dropship and Endless Aisle Are an Easy Way to Increase Revenue

Dropship and Endless Aisle are a tag-team duo that prevents you from losing sales, even when you don’t have certain accessory inventory in stock. Dropship gives you the ability to send items from VoiceComm directly to your customers. Endless Aisle complements Dropship and is an interactive touch screen that allows your customers to browse through your both virtual inventory as well as your in-stock product—a great tool to keep them shopping while waiting for repairs.

Why is offering these services a no-brainer? Retail studies show that you recover nearly 70% of out-of-stock incidents if associates are able to offer customers the option to order the items before leaving and have them sent to their homes. In addition, the ability to offer virtual inventory frees up your peg space for your highest velocity items so you can optimize your retail area. You’re also able to offer your customers high-ticket items without the overhead.

Through our partnership with iQmetrix, these services are available to you and present the opportunity for a huge ROI. Contact your account manager to learn more about these services and how they can benefit your repair business.