Beyond Repair

Sell More with Bundles


Many repair shops find their profits are being squeezed due to competition, parts prices, or lower foot traffic. Accessories are the easiest and more logical way to add to your bottom line. For years, wireless dealers have focused on attaching accessories to every handset they sell and there’s no reason you shouldn’t follow suit by attaching accessories to every repair.

While technicians may not feel like natural salespeople, keep in mind that it doesn’t take a “hard sell” to get your customers to buy more. Present an assortment of accessories that enhance and complement a customer’s device and offer a discount on multiple items. The most natural bundle package is a case, screen protector, and charger, but you can get creative and expand to other accessories like vehicle mounts or Bluetooth speakers. Our brands offer high margins, so even when discounting a bundle you will still make solid profits and will be able to sell through your inventory much quicker.