Beyond Repair

Capitalize on Holiday Spending

Despite a shift in the preference of online shopping over traditional retail during the last few years, device repair shops still enjoy the luxury of high-volume foot traffic. It’s hard to imagine a scenario where mail-in device repair (i.e. someone being without their phone for days) would be preferable, so your shop has ample opportunity to earn additional revenue by offering your customers lifestyle accessories in addition to the normal protection accessories like cases and screen protectors.

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Get Some More Out of Summer

If you go swimming this summer you’ll need a bathing suit and towel. If you’re planning on tanning you’ll probably want some sunglasses and tanning oil for the best possible results. If you take a hike you’ll want hiking boots and a great sense of direction. And if your customers plan on bringing their precious smartphone with them, and you know they will, they’ll need the right accessories to not only protect their phone, but to enhance all their summertime fun. Luckily, VoiceComm distributed a wonderful email summer series that shared accessory collections perfect to offer during the summer season. Here’s all the summer hotness all in one place.

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Be Prepared for Retail Seasonality

In our last blog we gave you a taste of what retail seasonality is and how it pertains to the mobile accessory industry. For this blog we’re going to give you a bit more to snack on, so we hope you came hungry… to learn! We’re going to provide some insight into selecting the right product offer, inventory planning and forecasting, merchandising, and promotional planning. Take this blog as a solid starting point to greater fortune and success. Oh, and remember to thank us later!

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Just the Right Seasoning

Like many other industries, mobile accessory sales tie into major events, holidays, and seasons. According to When I Work, “20 to 40 percent of yearly sales for small and mid-sized retailers take place within the last two months of the year” and “55 percent of consumers plan to visit stores on shopping days like Black Friday or Cyber Monday.” Our businesses thrive or wither on the strength of great products and seasonality. According to Business Dictionary, Seasonality is defined as “Periodic, repetitive, and generally regular and predictable pattern in the levels of business activity where most or all sales originate in a particular season, quarter, or month.” In order to take advantage of the various events, holidays, and seasons you need to plan accordingly, and VoiceComm is here to guide you!