[Webinar] Otter + Pop Never Stop Popping

In this archived webinar, powered by VoiceComm and presented by OtterBox, you received great information about their latest products. Specifically, you got a brief overview of their current Otter + Pop line up, key selling points and insights into current sell through data and merchandising. One lucky attendee won an Otter + Pop case and Pop Top of their choice. We hope you enjoyed our latest webinar and can’t wait to see you at the next one! Resources Shop Otter + Pop Cases Shop compatible Pop Tops New to VoiceComm? Register an account now!

In-Store Experience

Training Put to Work

In previous blogs we introduced the concept of training (Get on the Right Track with Training) and provided tips detailing how to train your colleagues/employees (Training Day). In this blog we will take it one step further and explore real-world training scenarios from VoiceComm. Sandy Ardery, Director of Strategic Planning, VoiceComm, was kind enough to share her insight into the programs she has successfully conceptualized and implemented.