Beyond Repair

Leveraging Premium Products for Upsale Opportunities


A customer is in your store with a broken phone in need of a repair. Consider the reasons why this happened: their phone didn’t have a case; or it had a cheap, flimsy case; or their tempered glass was battered beyond recognition and just couldn’t protect the screen one more time. There are many ways customers break their phones and your core business is repairing those phones, but what if you could make more money on those repairs AND foster a positive customer experience that continues long after they leave your shop?



A broken phone puts the customer in a vulnerable position. They don’t want to be without or lose functionality of their device for long and they are forced to spend money on something that may have been preventable. It may seem counterintuitive, but now is the time to get them to spend even more money to protect and enhance their device.

A prime example is with standard tempered glass screen protection. Every repair shop sells it because it’s cheap, easy to source, and customers are usually willing to buy it for a few extra bucks after a screen repair. Perhaps, though, the customer doesn’t want to pay for a repair again next time. That’s where premium screen protection, which includes coverage for their next repair, comes into play. With products like Fortress OathGadget Guard Black Ice Plus, and Qmadix First Defense+ your customers can be reimbursed for the cost of their next screen repair and you can double your profits over standard screen protection. Creating win-win situations like this ensure your customers’ satisfaction and make you more money. Ask your account manager how these products can help boost your business today!



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