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The first step in overcoming our challenge is to calculate the product needed to reach that goal with our Profit Calculator. Step 2 is strategically positioning the product to cultivate and promote value.   Your customers typically show up when they’re having problems. It’s the nature of the business. They look to you as an expert and as a guide in this world. “Give them confidence that you know how to protect their precious devices too.” They have full confidence that you will repair a device which is likely a centerpiece in their life, but there’s more you can do and more you should do. Give them confidence that you know how to protect their precious devices too.   While a customer’s phone is being repaired, take advantage of their pain to preach prevention. They don’t want to ever see you again, so maximize their time in your store by…


[Webinar] Otter + Pop Never Stop Popping

In this archived webinar, powered by VoiceComm and presented by OtterBox, you received great information about their latest products. Specifically, you got a brief overview of their current Otter + Pop line up, key selling points and insights into current sell through data and merchandising. One lucky attendee won an Otter + Pop case and Pop Top of their choice. We hope you enjoyed our latest webinar and can’t wait to see you at the next one! Resources Shop Otter + Pop Cases Shop compatible Pop Tops New to VoiceComm? Register an account now!


No Kidding!

If you consume the educational content VoiceComm creates and distributes this will be familiar to you. Presentation matters. Experience matters. Inspire your customers to buy in your store. You’ll have an exponentially harder time attaining success otherwise, as evidenced by Toys ‘R’ Us.