Eliminate Big Bills With Accessories

Make The Sale Easy

The first step in overcoming our challenge is to calculate the product needed to reach that goal with our Profit Calculator. Step 2 is strategically positioning the product to cultivate and promote value.


Your customers typically show up when they’re having problems. It’s the nature of the business. They look to you as an expert and as a guide in this world.

Give them confidence that
you know how to protect
their precious devices too.

They have full confidence that you will repair a device which is likely a centerpiece in their life, but there’s more you can do and more you should do. Give them confidence that you know how to protect their precious devices too.


While a customer’s phone is being repaired, take advantage of their pain to preach prevention. They don’t want to ever see you again, so maximize their time in your store by offering accessories which will help them eliminate future pain.

“What happened?”

Listen, and be prepared with discounted accessory bundles designed to avoid the mishap that brought them to your repair shop:

 “I dropped
my phone”

Possibly from an insufficient case or unprotected phone.

Offer a DROP Bundle:

Mil-spec case, tempered or
liquid glass with warranty

“My battery
is shot”

Possibly from using of non-MFi or insufficient cable & charging block.

Offer a JUICE Bundle:

MFi certified or quality
cable & charging block,
portable battery pack

 “The camera
is broken”

Possibly from drop, if
not a software issue.

Offer a SNAP Bundle:

Slim case with drop rating,
mount or hand grip, like
PopSocket, and liquid glass

This all may seem counter-intuitive to your core business, but you should always maximize every sales opportunity. Offering bundles discounted $10, $20, or $30 is perceived as a value by your customer, and since you’re selling more, you’re making more.

There are residual benefits too. This approach builds loyalty, word of mouth, and is an engaging, joyful customer experience.