[Webinar] Speck: Grow Accessory Sales with Award-Winning Device Protection

This archived webinar powered by VoiceComm and presented by Speck showed you how to “Grow Accessory Sales with Award-winning Device Protection.”

As one of the leading case brands in the US, Speck invited you to join us to learn more about the products they offer and the science behind them. Speck walked you through their top selling assortment that produces high velocity sales in both dealer and repair channel environments. They also showed you what Speck has to offer for merchandising and marketing support and provide key selling nuggets for the front line sales pros.

Five attendees were selected at random to win $100 in merchandise from SpeckProducts.com at the conclusion of the webinar.



Make sure you sign up for and attend future webinars to qualify for other great prizes.

We look forward to serving you in the future, and hope you enjoy this archived webinar.