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Get Some More Out of Summer

If you go swimming this summer you’ll need a bathing suit and towel. If you’re planning on tanning you’ll probably want some sunglasses and tanning oil for the best possible results. If you take a hike you’ll want hiking boots and a great sense of direction. And if your customers plan on bringing their precious smartphone with them, and you know they will, they’ll need the right accessories to not only protect their phone, but to enhance all their summertime fun. Luckily, VoiceComm distributed a wonderful email summer series that shared accessory collections perfect to offer during the summer season. Here’s all the summer hotness all in one place.
Power through Summer
Smartphones are virtually useless without power, so be sure you’re prepared to accommodate customers no matter where those long summer days take them.

  • For road trips, make sure they have sturdy In-car power.
  • For beach days, make sure your customers have the very best in Backup power.
  • And for those impromptu adventures, make sure they have a Battery case.

A Case for Every Summer Adventure
Yes, smartphones are virtually useless without power, and they’re totally useless if they’re smashed to pieces or if they’ve drown in the ocean. We offer an awesome selection of delectable protective cases from the leading brands in the industry. They’re sure to help customers avert the fabled summertime blues.

  • Whether taking a dip or caught in a summer storm, customers with Water-proof cases never have to worry.
  • Everyone wants a beach body, so while customers attempt to reach their goals or are maintaining their buff frame, Arm-bands will help get them there.
  • Your customers care about their appearance, which is why offering Fashion cases will help them keep up with all the sunny, summer trends.
  • Folio cases have exploded in popularity, and they’re a great way for customers to keep the screen and body of their device covered.

The Soundtrack for Summer
Our senses can help conjure summer memories. The taste of a slice of pizza on a boardwalk, the smell of the ocean, or the sound of great summer music can instantly bring you back. We offer some of the best audio products in the industry that will not only help customers recall awesome summer memories, but make new ones to celebrate for years to come.

  • For those long trips, nothing beats a pair of high quality Wired headphones to make the time pass by like a soothing summer breeze.
  • Some customers prefer their headphones to be as wireless as their smartphones. Bluetooth headphones are perfect for customers who like to rock out with no strings (or wires) attached!
  • Backyards are known to spontaneously burst into barbeques and parties. Bluetooth speakers are perfect to keep the beats going until the very last person drops.

Keep Summer Care-Free with Hands-Free
Your customers will undoubtedly be busy this summer and will absolutely need a sturdy place to mount their smartphones when their hands are busy with other things. We offer some of the most innovative mounts in the accessory space that will leave your customers as care-free this summer as they were in their youth.

  • Whether taking a call or following GPS commands, Car mounts are a perfect place to keep a smartphone on road trips.
  • Bike mounts are perfect for those days on the trail when a tight grip on the handlebars is required.

This email series along with our previous blogs (Be Prepared for Retail Seasonality and Just the Right Seasoning) regarding retail seasonality will help prepare you for all the summer madness and fun. Stay tuned for our next blog, and be sure to share, sell, and enjoy!