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Get on the Right Track with Training

Olympic athletes don’t compete for the gold overnight. They hone their skills for years and years via a strict and strategic training regimen. Talent and dedication tend to factor into their success, but the impact of their intense training cannot be understated. It’s their training that pushes them to the pinnacle of their sport, and we can take these lessons and apply them to mobile accessory sales. According to, training is defined as an “organized activity aimed at imparting information and/or instructions to improve the recipient’s performance or to help him or her attain a required level of knowledge or skill.” In order to help your business grow it is essential for you and your colleagues/employees to establish a training regimen that will help your business win the proverbial gold.

You may be thinking, “Why should I waste my time on training when everything is working so well already?” It’s a valid thought, but in our experience smart, strategic training will only help to enhance your business. “A skilled and trained sales consultant will maximize the consumers’ experience by understanding the client’s needs with their lifestyle by asking the right qualifying questions and positioning all products and services available for the consumer to have the full experience with their device,” said Sandy Ardery, Director of Strategic Planning, VoiceComm. Ms. Ardery added, “A consumer may not be ready to commit to everything a propitious and educated sales consultant offers, but it is the importance of seeding the products and services and relating it back to their life so the consumer is walking away understanding the entire offering and how it relates back into their lifestyle. The goal is to have the sales consultant create an ‘Ah ha!’ moment even after they have left the store.”

Product training is essential in creating that “Ah ha!” moment. When it comes to mobile accessories, learning the technical specifications for each product and what they mean in real world terms is essential in building a store associate’s credibility. Learning the features of each product from top down is also essential, as well as how the product truly works. You and your colleagues/employees must become authorities on what you’re selling. It’s an important part of customer service, which in totality is key. “Consultants want to ensure they are the first to mind even beyond the first experience at the store to create returning advocates versus the typical return after 18 to 24 months for the next upgrade or renewal. If the sales consultants do a great job relating back to their life and educate the consumer of all the products and services that best suits their lifestyle, the consumer will experience the need for the product beyond the door front and remember that the sales consultant educated them on a product that can make their experience with their handset even better,” said Ms. Ardery. “A bad experience is talked about much more frequently than good experience in customer service. Typically consumers tell 10 people when they have a bad experience and much less for a positive experience.”

Now that we’ve established the importance of training it’s time to clue you into how to effectively do it. Our next blog will dive into that very topic, so stay tuned and be sure to share, sell, and enjoy!