Cell Phone Accessory Ideas

The One Question You Should Be Asking

Are we there yet?
Will you marry me?
Where’s the bathroom?
Do you want fries with that?

There are some important questions we ask in life, and there are some that are wholly inconsequential. Most people seem to be inquisitive by nature, and in most situations that tends to be a positive trait. When it comes to selling mobile accessories, a certain level of inquisitiveness goes a long way. But what to ask? Well, besides “But what to ask?” when attempting to increase your attach rate? The answer may seem obvious to you, but to our surprise, not everyone asks this most essential question to their customers:

How do you use your phone?

That simple question can exponentially increase a phone’s attach rate. It opens new opportunities to sell and new possibilities to customers to enjoy their device. We not only identified the most important question you can ask as a mobile accessory salesperson, we’ve created brief user profiles based on common answers we’ve encountered anecdotally along with relevant product recommendations.

The Music Lover



These are people who listen more than they speak. Whether they’re food shopping, sightseeing, or drowning out ambient noise, they always seem to have headphones hugging their ears. If you happen to catch a moment where they’re not rocking out to the latest metal band or bobbing to a hip hop track, we have several amazing options that sound great. Music to our ears and theirs, etc.

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The Road Warrior

Scosche MagicMount Power Socket Mount

With GPS, you can never tell a person to get lost since their phone will always guide the way. While GPS is a miraculous invention, make sure Road Warriors drive safely with proper mounting products so they get where they want to go as safely as possible.

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The News Junkie

PhoneSuit Journey Backup Battery

Regardless of your opinion of the 24 hour news cycle, some people love the instant updates in our always connected world. Unfortunately, the nature of constantly checking the news and reading/watching/listening to it significantly taxes a smartphone’s battery. Luckily, there are excellent backup battery options that will ensure News Junkies catch the news 24 hours a day without fail.

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The Social Butterfly


PureGear Selfie Stick

Nothing says “social” like burying your face in a screen alone, but that qualifies as social media for ya. Back in the very recent day, many users only had their smartphones to use for Facebook and Instagram updates and browsing. How did we ever survive? Our partners have recognized this shortcoming and have righted this wrong by introducing accessories designed to enhance the social media experience. More notably, selfie sticks.

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We urge you to explore our website, MyVoiceComm.com, for many other options beyond the products and categories highlighted. And if you’re still undecided, feel free to contact your rep with questions. Your inquisitive nature serves you well again!