Eliminate Big Bills With Accessories

Assist the Conversation

If it isn’t evident by our challenge to pay your rent with accessories, setting goals is an important key to success. Once these goals are set, it is imperative to clearly communicate your vision to your employees. Be open to feedback in order to establish any additional employee support necessary in order to achieve your goals.  Your employees can’t repair phones without the right tools. The same sentiment can be applied to selling. Step 3: Aid your employees further by, installing marketing collateral in the vicinity of your accessory bundles. It will drive interest and enable conversations with even the toughest customer. To further aid you, VoiceComm has developed signage specifically created for your repair business to help you get results. VoiceComm can also work with you to provide additional merchandising support or develop customized solutions: • DIGITAL SIGNAGE • HD VIDEOS • POSTERS • NAME TAGS • TABLE TENTS…

Eliminate Big Bills With Accessories

Understand Your Profit Potential

Our data shows businesses like yours are leaving thousands of dollars per year on the table by not fully supporting accessory sales. We want to fix that and we can. Our challenge: pay your rent with accessories. The first step: use our Profit Calculator to get a real world sense of the performance required to do so. The calculation should influence your product mix, but if you require assistance reach out to your rep today in order to conquer this challenge! We’re here to serve you.


Update on COVID-19 from VoiceComm

As we watch the development of the coronavirus pandemic with feelings of concern and uncertainty, we wanted to take a moment and give you an update. We are in unchartered territory and it’s important that we stay calm, show solidarity and stand by each other during this challenging time.   We wanted to share with you an update on how VoiceComm is responding. In an effort to protect our employees, their families, and the communities where we live and work in, we are making some changes to our on-site staffing. Staff that have previously worked on-site will telecommute wherever feasible. They will still provide the outstanding service you have enjoyed through the years. Our warehouse is open and fully functional to serve your needs.   There should be no interruption in any service you receive from VoiceComm. We are simply letting you know we are operating differently.   As we…


Protect Your Phone, Protect Yourself From Germs

  Think about the last time you cleaned your phone, I mean really cleaned it, not just scratched the crust off of the screen protector. Just guessing, it’s probably been a while. Time Magazine cites a University of Arizona study that finds most phones carry 10x more germs than the average toilet seat. Ew! There is a solution! Antimicrobial phone accessories that can actually stop germs from ever getting nestled into your phone. Take a look at the antimicrobial cases, screen protectors, and screen cleaners we have available: Gadget Guard’s Universal Liquid Screen Protector kills germs to keep screens safe ITSKINS has built Spectrum, Supreme, and Hybrid series with IMPACTHANE technology and is able to reduce the population of microbes on phones by 99.99%. Speck has partnered with disinfectant company Micrcoban for the Presidio Pro and Sport cases to keep them well-protected from germs and disease. Tech21 is part of the…