Protect Your Phone, Protect Yourself From Germs


Think about the last time you cleaned your phone, I mean really cleaned it, not just scratched the crust off of the screen protector. Just guessing, it’s probably been a while. Time Magazine cites a University of Arizona study that finds most phones carry 10x more germs than the average toilet seat. Ew!

There is a solution! Antimicrobial phone accessories that can actually stop germs from ever getting nestled into your phone.

Take a look at the antimicrobial cases, screen protectors, and screen cleaners we have available:

  • Gadget Guard’s Universal Liquid Screen Protector kills germs to keep screens safe
  • ITSKINS has built Spectrum, Supreme, and Hybrid series with IMPACTHANE technology and is able to reduce the population of microbes on phones by 99.99%.
  • Speck has partnered with disinfectant company Micrcoban for the Presidio Pro and Sport cases to keep them well-protected from germs and disease.
  • Tech21 is part of the antimicrobial push with Evo Check, Pure Clear, and Studio Color which keep germs from sticking to the surface of the cases.

Check out our germ conscious products through the link below and take advantage of the conversations in this post to get the most out of them!