When Batteries Go Low, Energize Your Opportunities.

The purpose of this blog is to present opportunities in portable battery sales, how to maximize opportunity, and a curated selection of the amazing power products VoiceComm offers.

According to an article on blog TechCrunch, “U.S. consumers now spend 5 hours per day on mobile devices.” This, according to the article, is a “20 percent increase compared with the fourth quarter of 2015, and seems to come at the expense of mobile browser usage.” This means, apparently, that with 20% more usage users will require 20% more power. Smartphones are essential devices for our everyday lives, not just as a phones, but as a camera, music player, navigator, and other internet-enabled usage. For each use comes a penalty in the form of a depleted battery, so power is more and more important to consumers with this increased emphasis on a smartphone’s capabilities. Read on to find out how you can empower your customers with portable power!

Optimize Your Offer

Before you sell, you must optimize your offer. This can be true of any product you sell, and especially true here. Prepare “good/better/best” price options to ensure you attract the widest array of end users, from those on a budget to people with more disposable income. For backup power specifically, you will want to prepare various mAh options as well to support a wide array of charging needs.

Know Your Products

If you have already brought in various power products to your store you probably did so via an educated decision. You should be applauded, since you should make sure you’re educated on the products you bring into your store. In terms of backup batteries, information you should know like the back of your hand include understanding power output, how many hours of charge a battery provides, and the charging dynamic of tablets vs smartphones. For instance, a battery may charge a smartphone up to 3.6 charges and a large tablet up to 1.2 extra charges. There are plentiful resources out there, but when it comes to product-specific information, so many of a product’s useful and marketable features may be found right on the packaging.

Match Customer + Solution

Now that you’ve selected the right products you need to know the right questions to qualify your customers. These questions will start the conversation and allow you to show off your collection. Some specific questions you can ask for battery-related sales include:

Did you ever have your phone die out of nowhere?
Do you have kids?
Do you post a lot on social media?
Do you use your phone during your lunch to stream videos or scroll through Facebook, Instagram, etc.?

These questions will help you close a sale, so make sure you have them ready for multiple types of customers.

All this would be for naught without products to sell. In the event you have yet to solidify your offer, here are some brand suggestions from our catalog:

Belkin Backup Battery SolutionsGriffin Backup Battery Solutionsmophie Backup Battery SolutionsPhonesuit Backup Battery SolutionsScosche Backup Battery Solutions

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So, there you have it. Hopefully this blog has energized your backup battery output. Remember, some of these tips are universal and applicable across many other products too, so we’re charging your knowledge up on a multitude of levels. As always, if you have questions or need further assistance reach out to your designated sales representative.

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