Beyond Smartphones: Gadget Guard Black Ice Liquid Edition

It’s no secret that Gadget Guard is synonymous with screen protection. It’s what they do, and they do it incredibly well. Recently, VoiceComm began offering Gadget Guard’s Black Ice Liquid Edition screen protection, which is a standout. Instead of a standard screen protector that amounts to a slice of fitted glass for a specific device, Black Ice Liquid Edition is a “coating that is put onto a device’s screen to fortify it by using nanotechnology.” The technology is as fancy as it is impressive in our experience. It occurred to us that because Black Ice Liquid Edition is a coating instead of a piece of glass cut specifically to fit a phone, it is a universal mobile accessory and a rarity in this category. Because of its universal application, it got us thinking about which other devices we could apply it to and how to position it in your store.

First and foremost, we must stress that Black Ice Liquid Edition will only work on GLASS. This means certain LCD screens and certain smartphones such as Droid Z Force with its polycarbonate lens will not bond properly. So, if the screen isn’t glass you must pass. Luckily, there are millions and millions of devices which do feature glass, and by extension, are compatible with Black Ice Liquid Edition. While smartphones such as iPhone 7 and Galaxy S8 are covered, there are devices outside the traditional norm which would also benefit from a coating of Black Ice Liquid Edition. Think portable gaming devices such as Nintendo 3DS, smartwatches such as Apple Watch, laptops, and anything else with a glass screen! The universal appeal of Black Ice Liquid Edition cannot be overstated, and that’s another way to position it in your store.

Watch how simple it is to apply:

Once your customers try Black Ice Liquid Edition they’ll be hooked, so position it as “gateway screen protection” for devices that aren’t typically supported in this space (see above), in addition to smartphones and tablets. Most customers likely do not need to purchase multiple fitted glass screen protection products due to narrow compatibility. This is not the case here, so exploit the strength of this unique product, literally and figuratively. Black Ice Liquid Edition is a product for everyone and everything— assuming customers are applying it to a glass surface! Once this message is received by your customers the potential for higher sales will increase.

There are a multitude of reasons to preserve a device’s screen. Customers need to preserve and protect their device screen while they’re using them. That’s a given. It also helps with resale value later on when reselling that smartphone or game system or laptop, etc. Black Ice Liquid Edition certainly addresses one of the biggest issues among screens today, and consumers unquestionably see the value in protecting their phones. With Black Ice Liquid Edition, consumers now have the ability to protect all their glass-based screens. This is an exciting prospect to increase sales, and we’re incredibly proud to offer this product.

As always, we’re here to help, so make sure you reach out to your designated sales representative to ensure you have the product and strategy to sell this exciting new form of protection!

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