Prevention is the New Protection

In our industry it’s hard to fathom consumers without reasonably current smartphone technology in their pockets. The reality is, some still use older obsolete smartphones while others have clung to their so-called “simple” phones. In fact, in certain cultural subsets, such as the much maligned “hipster” group, simple phones are making a comeback. Nothing is cooler than irony and obsolescence, we presume. CNET took notice of these holdouts and offered a playful, yet useful piece entitled 10 Signs It’s Time to get a New Phone. While certain issues are unavoidable as a phone ages, such as the degradation of battery life and audio ports, other issues they highlight such as a shattered, yet marginally functional screen are. So, when this sort of consumer walks through your doorway don’t simply preach protection; emphasize prevention.

The best way to start is to learn your customer’s history with their dinosaur phone, how they’ve used it in the past and how they intend to use their new device in the future. Are they a klutz, are they an adventurer, are they an audiophile, etc. This information is essential in recommending the best accessories to ensure the longevity of their device while simultaneously suiting their specific concerns. Remember, the best protection is prevention!

Cases are a no-brainer for even the most careful consumer, but in the growingly diverse market segment not all cases hold the same value and appeal. Rugged protection is still unquestionably popular, but slimmer cases with a reasonable measure of protection are gaining. For the more careful and even fashion conscious consumer a slimmer case may be all they need. We happen to offer a wide array from partners such as Caseology. For the consumers who characterize themselves as adventurers or land somewhere on the klutz spectrum a rugged and/or waterproof case will be the better option. We happen to offer waterproof accessories too. It’s said that toilets double as smartphone swimming pools, and the more rugged products you offer to address that reality will ensure consumers’ phones will be fine after they’re finished taking a refreshing dip.


One issue the CNET piece highlights that is highly avoidable are broken screens. While screen durability has improved over the years, people continue to discover inventive ways to wound their beautiful displays. This is why screen protection popularity continues to skyrocket. The best part is screen protection is within budget of even the most frugal consumers. Spend a little up front or a lot more later. And in the rare case that a screen does break even with a sturdy screen protector attached, our partner Gadget Guard not only stands behind their products, but will pay consumers $100 if their screen is damaged with one of their screen protectors properly installed. Further incentive for consumers to jump on the screen protection train, and an economically feasible way to prevent the destruction of that beautiful screen.

While there are rumors that standard audio ports may go the way of the dinosaurs, we’re not there yet. But if you encounter consumers who do have broken or fussy audio ports Bluetooth headphones and speakers are an excellent option to sooth their hungry ears. We offer an excellent lineup of Bluetooth headphones and speakers, which you can view here. While some of the more premium Bluetooth audio we carry may be too expensive for most of your clientele, a segment of the population is more than willing to spend a lot for premium sound. That’s why we recommend our Dropship program. It allows you to stock what typically moves in your store while giving you the flexibility to provide additional options to your customers without the risk or space you would have had to take previously.

We’ve covered this sort of ground before and, spoiler alert, may do so again in the future when appropriate. The main utility of this blog entry is to suggest a different tactic when it comes to a consumer resistant to the faster and faster upgrade cycle. Or in more playful terms, a consumer who has been struggling with a phone that’s slowly but surely floating towards the pearly gates of phone heaven. Preaching protection is enough for many consumers, but for this specific subset prevention provides an unquestionable resonance.

For more product recommendations, repair channel questions, and information on our Dropship program reach out to your sales representative today.