Introducing Gadget Guide from Gadget Guard

It’s no secret that screen protection is popular with consumers. If you view our top sellers you will see screen protection takes the top seven spots on the list (as of this writing), and that isn’t likely to change any time soon. The explosive popularly of the category makes sense when you consider cracked or broken screens are a common issue no matter how tough handset manufacturers attempt to fortify them. But like most solutions, they will sometimes come with issues of their own. For instance, a rugged case will do an excellent job of protecting its precious contents, but the added bulk has turned some consumers off. When it comes to screen protection, the biggest issue lies in the perfect application of the product, which tends to be fouled up by imperfect beings. While there are applicators for certain types of screen protection, tempered glass has largely been left out– until now!

As we stated, screen protection takes the top seven spots among our list of top-selling products. You may have also noticed they’re all produced by Gadget Guard. Gadget Guard has an excellent reputation in this space, and in an effort to better support its products and ensure its screen protectors are applied perfectly each and every time they created the incredibly unique Gadget Guide (Available now for iPhone 6/6S and 6/6S Plus and coming soon for: iPhone 5/5S/SE, Galaxy S6, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S7). Gadget Guard’s Gadget Guide is the solution many of our customers have been searching for, and VoiceComm is incredibly proud to offer it to you. It not only applies a screen protector perfectly each and every time, but your customers will appreciate the added service too. These kinds of bells and whistles contribute to customer loyalty. But don’t take our word for it; some of VoiceComm’s best and brightest wanted to weigh in on this exciting new product.

Gadget Guide Installation Instructions from Gadget Guard on Vimeo.

“Gadget Guide helps to ensure proper installation of the product. Thus, there’s less wasted product and less time that the sales rep is tied up doing the installation,” said Jeff Summerfeld, Senior Account Executive at VoiceComm. “If the rep has to do multiple installations on the same phone it cuts into the time that they can be spending with other customers and selling more product.” Carl Hymes, Senior Account Executive at VoiceComm, added, “It will lessen the mistakes during the installation process.” While Gadget Guide will undoubtedly be a boon for wireless stores, Jason Riggione, Senior Account Manager at VoiceComm, speaks to what it will mean for smartphone repair centers. “Gadget Guide streamlines the installation of a screen protector on your customer’s device. This is extremely helpful to techs who often install glass as part of a repair package or are simply looking for the fastest, most accurate way to install screen protection. Rather than letting customers leave and attempt to put the glass on themselves, Gadget Guide quickly ensures a perfect fit. While repairs shops may love to see more cracked screens come through their doors, proper installation will give their customers peace of mind and make them look like heroes.”

“In working closely with our partners we found a consistent desire to save time during installs and to cut down on mistakes and this new tool accomplishes exactly that,” said Seth Dare, Key Account Manager, Gadget Guard. “Gadget Guides will be increasingly important as more devices have pronounced bevels which make it hard to find a good point of alignment. Gadget Guides take the guesswork out of the install and align our Black Ice perfectly every time proving, once again, that safe can still be sexy!”

There’s a good chance you offer Gadget Guard screen protectors in your store, and if you do Gadget Guide is an essential tool to enhance your business. Contact your sales representative today to learn more about Gadget Guide and all the wonderful screen protector products VoiceComm offers!