In-Store Experience

VoiceComm Merchandising Options

In previous blogs we discussed your retail ecosystem and merchandising as a part of a broader discussion on the in-store experience. This blog will tie the first leg of our journey together with merchandising options offered by VoiceComm. We’re proud to offer several exciting options from our brand partners that are sure to suit the smallest mom-and-pop shop up to the more sophisticated multi-store operations. We offer three main types of merchandising displays for you to consider in your stores, and they’re all great.

Peg/Wall Display
Peg/Wall displays are mounted on a wall in order to display product. These types of displays are excellent space savers, but their potential permanence versus other options should be considered before installation in your place of business.

VoiceComm offers Peg/Wall displays from the following brand partners:



Floor Display
Floor displays are shelving units that rest on a floor in order to display product. They have the ability to be moved to different positions of a store and tend to be distinct in terms of size and design. They are designed to be highly visible and complementary of the manufacturer’s products. Please contact your rep for a full selection of Floor display options VoiceComm offers.

Demo Display
Unlike Peg/Wall and Floor displays, Demo displays will usually focus on a product (or family of products) designed to show off a product’s capabilities. These types of units can be wall mounted or rest on a surface like a tabletop.

VoiceComm offers Demo displays from the following brand partners:


Please note, we’re in the process of adding several kinds of display units to our website over the course of the coming weeks and months, so please be sure to check back to our merchandising page periodically.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the first leg of our in-store experience series. Stay tuned (or subscribe!) to ensure you don’t miss the next one.