It’s the Law!

Buckle up: it’s the law. Newton’s law of universal gravitation. Only YOU can prevent wildfires. There are all kinds of laws and rules that govern us, and some are even sensible! There are, apparently, even state laws regarding the use of certain mobile accessories. Specifically, Window Mounts for automobiles.

According to sources, Window Mounts are illegal in certain states and have rules for placement in others. Please check with authorities in your state/region for specifics. Many of the laws, it seems, are based on ensuring drivers have an unobstructed view of their surroundings, which Window Mounts certainly can block. Regardless if Window Mounts are legal in your state, we suggest you use all of the accessories we sell in the most responsible fashion possible.

We sell a multitude of alternate vehicle mounts from Nite Ize, Scosche, and Tackform. Check them all out here and contact your rep directly with any questions you may have about Window Mounts or any of the amazing accessories we offer.

Happy shopping, and stay legal!