The Modular Future?

If it isn’t evident, Hero phone unveils just don’t seem to have the punch they used to. Sure, they still receive heaping helpings of media attention and consumer demand, but the electricity in the air has certainly subsided. This wane in excitement isn’t attributable to any one issue, but we have our theories. In our view, the loss of excitement comes down to two main factors: market maturation and a slowdown in innovation. It’s happened to Samsung, Apple, LG, and virtually every other handset manufacturer in the space. To our more savvy readers, you know this is similar to other market and technology cycles, and it doesn’t mean the sky is falling. But it could signal the final days of the golden era of smartphones. With that said, it’s clear a company or two is openly defying the notion that there’s little room to innovate. It remains to be seen what impact – if any – the launch of these alt-smartphones will have, but it will be interesting to watch and will most certainly impact you and your bottom line positively if it takes off. But before we move forward, let’s take a look back.